Our Programs

Live Out Loud connects LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) youth to positive out role models whose stories and expertises can inspire LGBT students to live more enriched and empowered lives. Our mission: To empower, energize and enable Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth to live the life of their dreams through the celebration of the richness and diversity of our shared experience, the visibility of role models and the dissemination of information.

Live Out Loud began in 2000 when Founder and Executive Director, Leo Preziosi, Jr. spotted an article in Metro Source called “The Gun in the Closet” about two students who committed suicide because of hostile school environments, isolation, ostracism and fear. Compelled to action, Preziosi began assembling LGBT professionals to speak at highs schools and colleges about their obstacles, triumphs, and journeys towards affirmed lives.

Since then, Live Out Loud has brought over 500 LGBT role models to high schools and universities. From spiritual leaders to fashion designers to corporate powerhouses and grassroots activists, Live Out Loud works with a diverse body of outstanding leaders throughout our community to touch the lives of thousands of youth.


Live Out Loud Programs

Homecoming Project
Through The Homecoming Project, Live Out Loud encourages out LGBT individuals to return to their high schools to speak with a new generation of students about the unique experiences that have shaped the individuals they are today. To see our PSA produced by Showtime featuring Alan Cumming, please click here.

School Programs
Live Out Loud conducts programs for GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) clubs in schools throughout NYC. Programs are generally held after school in a classroom setting. Typical programming elements include speaker panels, discussion groups, activity-based learning, and presentations of student actions.

The Gathering
The Gathering is a community-wide program that draws together LGBT youth and their allies from across the city to help them find support, have fun, and learn from their peers in other NYC schools. Gathering programs include discussion groups, speaker presentations, community service projects, and learning activities.

Lesson Plans
Live Out Loud writes lesson plans that serve as both stand-alone resources and as an accompaniment to The Homecoming Project. Topics include "How To Be A Role-Model", "We Are All Minorities", and "Dispelling Myths, Facing Challenges".

Behind the Scenes
Live Out Loud takes students "behind the scenes" at local corporations to give them a glimpse of the possibilities that await them in the working world. Through networking with gay affinity groups, Live Out Loud is able to help youth see the LGBT community that is available in many corporations.

Living the Life
Living the Live is a weekly after-school program that Live Out Loud co-leads with a local YMCA. Typical programming elements include speaker panels, discussion groups, activity-based learning, and presentations of student actions.

Live Out Loud Scholarship
This year, Live Out Loud will award five $5,000 scholarships to college-bound LGBT high school seniors. Award criteria are based on the demonstration of past leadership and community service involvement, academic credentials, personal essay, an individual interview, financial need and future goals. Click here to learn more about the scholarship.