The Day Of Your Presentation

When your alarm sounds on the day of your Homecoming Project, you may be filled with a rush of emotions – anxiety, excitement, and uncertainty. Questions may flood your mind: Will they like me? Will they ask questions? Am I ready?

Remember: By taking a brave step through the door of your alma mater, you are making life a little easier for LGBT kids at your school. Today, you get to say to these kids what you wish someone had said to you!

The day of your Homecoming Project, remember to:

  • Make a list. Don’t forget to take your notes and any other visual aids you have collected such as old yearbooks, football jersey, photos, or other memorabilia.
  • Bring a bottle of water. It’s hard to speak when your throat is dry and your lips are sticking to your teeth. Make sure to hydrate!
  • Get there early. Plan to arrive at the school 30 minutes before the presentation. Arriving early will give you plenty of time to meet with your contact, take a stroll through the school, use the restroom, and find your meeting space. It’s better to have time to sit quietly reviewing your notes in a classroom than to be stuck in traffic, stressed because you are late for your presentation! Plan in advance how you will get to the school, including directions, mode of transportation, and travel time.
  • Go for it! You have thoughtfully prepared the words you will share so speak loudly, clearly, and confidently. Don’t forget to smile! Be sure to save the last 10 to 15 minutes for questions and answers. We encourage you to ask students to take some type of action that will continue after you leave. A list of possible actions can be found here.
  • Document the moment. Be sure to bring a still camera or video camera to document the moment. Be sure to share your pictures and videos with us so that we can include them as success stories on our website. Don’t be afraid to ask your school contact to videotape or photograph your presentation, or invite a friend to come with you who can offer support!

Your Homecoming Project is almost finished! There’s only one more step.

Follow up with the school and Live Out Loud.

Do you need help with this stage of your Homecoming Project?
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