Live Out Loud’s 2013-2014 Lesson Plans

Program One: LGBTQ Role Models & The Arts – Developing Identity Through Creative Expression

This program will introduce students to modern LGBTQ artists and the various ways they use their work to effect change. Students will also have the chance to create a work of art that speaks to their experiences in the LGBTQ community. Click here to download Program One.

Program Two: LGBTQ Role Models Defying Tradition

This program challenges students to think about gender identity in new ways. By creating identity maps, students will see that one’s identity is a journey that evolves over time.Click here to download Program Two.

Program Three: “There is no wrong way to have a body” – LGBTQ Role Models and Body Image Issues

This program will introduce students to LGBTQ role models who are challenging body type biases in society. Through learning about fat activism and examining how LGBTQ media portrays the community, students will be empowered to set their own standards of beauty. Click here to download Program Three.

Program Four: LGBTQ Role Models Responding to Challenges: Turning Negative Messages into Personal Growth and Confidence

Students will learn about the challenges of growing up LGBTQ and undocumented as a way to explore techniques to cope with and overcome isolation and shame. Click here to download Program Four.

Program Five: LGBTQ Role Models and Allies: Solidarity Among Movements

This program will explore the importance of straight allies to the LGBTQ movement, using examples from history as well as pop culture. Students will think about why someone might become an ally, and how our community can leverage their support. Click here to download Program Five.