Tennis Ball Juggle

This activity involves asking students a series of questions. We have provided the specific questions we used when first trying this activity. Feel free to customize this activity and ask students whatever questions you would like.

Prepare three tennis balls by writing a “1” on one ball, a “2” on the second ball, and a “3” on the third ball.

Have students stand in a circle.

Begin by tossing a tennis ball with the number 1 written on it to any student, saying their name when you toss it.

That student then throws the ball to someone else in the circle and says their name as they toss it. Tell students to remember who they threw the ball to and who threw the ball to them. This is very important!! Continue doing this until everyone has had the ball once. No one should get the ball more than once.

After the last person catches the ball, tell them to throw it back to the person who started the cycle.

Try to repeat the same cycle. Once you succeed, try to do it faster.

As the group “juggles” the ball, add the tennis ball with the number 2 written on it into the mix so that the group is now juggling 2 balls.

Add a third ball once you have been successful with the second.

Now that there are three balls being juggled in the circle, the leader will occasionally yell “stop.” The people left holding a ball are identified and asked to answer a question:

Person Holding Ball 1: Personal Question (favorite movie hero, last meal, etc.)

Person Holding Ball 2: Pride Question: How does your race, religion, family, or friends (your context) affect how/whether you show PRIDE?

Person Holding Ball 3: Who is one of your role models and why?

Take a picture of your group performing the tennis ball juggle and email it us at!