Celebrate PRIDE Month!

During June, LGBT people across the country will celebrate PRIDE! Live Out Loud wants to help lead your group in discussions about the importance of PRIDE. We’ve developed the following discussion guides and group actions that will help your LGBT and allied youth celebrate PRIDE!


Visibility: What Do You Call it?
Pride Month marks the beginning of the LGBT rights movement in the United States, which began in New York City in June of 1969 with the Stonewall Riots. Use this discussion to talk about how important it is for the LGBT community to be visible during PRIDE month. Click here for the discussion guide.

Being Out and Proud: Are They The Same Thing?
This discussion guides helps students to think about whether or not being “out” and open about LGBT identity is the only way to be proud and celebrate “Pride”. Click here for the discussion guide.

Celebrating Pride: Then and Now
Are all Pride events flashy parades? How has the Pride movement changed over the years? Use this discussion guide to learn and think about the different ways Pride is celebrated by watching videos of Pride marches from the 70s and now. Click here for the discussion guide.

Pride Across the Globe
In the United States we celebrate Pride in June to commemorate the Stonewall uprising. However, for many people across the globe, PRIDE events and demonstrations are not welcome and even punishable by law. Use this discussion to reflect on what PRIDE means around the world. Click here for the discussion guide.

Group Actions

Make Pride Flags!
Help your students envision different ways to represent how they show pride by having them design their own pride flags! Click here for the action guide.

Pictures of Pride
This activity invites students to think about what pride means for them while images from various LGBT pride events. Click here for the action guide.