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Create Change for LGBTQ+ Youth

We are here to guide, listen, and make connections for our kids. Every week we go out to high schools and the community to offer teens encouragement, a haven to discover their voice, and meet our role models who share their coming out stories and advice for success.

As the new school year kicks off, we ask for your kind support to promote our school programs. Our goal is to raise $25,000 that ups the impact at high schools across New York City as well as around the country allowing us to reach more kids who need acceptance and inspiration.

DONATE TODAY! Even a $25 donation will make a difference.

"Today, you came out to my high school and made an incredible presentation. I do not think you could understand how much it meant to me. I am gay, and I am out to a little more than 20 of my friends-- -not my family-- -that is rough. The fact that you are okay, and you grew up in an even less accepting time gives me some hope. I hope to be able to achieve what I want in life, and you put me on the right track."

--Message from student to Richie Jackson for the Homecoming Project

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Thank you for supporting the work of Live Out Loud.

We guide and empower LGBTQ youth to live authentic lives by connecting them to role models. Together we create valued connections.

Gala 2016

We had a magical evening at Live Out Loud's 15th Anniversary Young Trailblazers Gala on April 25th! More than 400 guests came to celebrate the community contributions of LGBTQ youth, teachers and role models. Thank you to everyone who made it possible, and especially to our $10,000 scholarship winners who shared their touching stories of courage and activism.

One scholarship winner, Rocco Sanabria, said: "As a young transgender man, I have experienced firsthand the ugliness of bigotry, ignorance and discrimination...I am inspired by how the LGBTQ community and its allies have advocated for me and so many other young people...I am dedicated to being a good role model for transgender kids."

We celebrated 15 years of Live Out Loud's life-saving and life-affirming programs for LGBTQ youth. Enjoy some photos from the evening!

Behind the Scenes at Nomura, Inc.

On March 30th, LGBTQ students and allies from high schools spanning New York City met with Nomura Inc.’s LGBTQ affinity group at the Live Out Loud headquarters. Fleur, James, and Elvis gave presentations that tied together how cultural competency and embracing diversity play important roles in their LGBTQ identities at home and in the workplace.

Behind the Scenes at Nomura, Inc.
Behind the Scenes at Deutsch
Behind the Scenes at Deutsch

On March 9th, 2016, LGBTQ students and allies from NYC high schools had the chance to go to the Deutsch headquarters and hear from a panel of Deutsch’s LGBTQ affinity group. The panelists spoke about the power of finding many different kinds of role models to look up to.

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