Pictures of Pride

It’s always both entertaining and enlightening to read the posters people carry at a PRIDE march! We have taken photographs from rallies, marches, protests, etc. and removed the captions from the posters.

Click here to view the photos.

Print these photos and either tape them to the wall or pass them out to students. Ask your students to fill in the poster with their own slogans. Challenge students to make a poster that is meant to say something to each of the following groups:

  • The LGBTQ community
  • Straight people
  • Parents of LGBTQ children
  • Homophobic people
  • Politicians

After students have finished their posters, ask:

  • What do you want this poster to make people think?
  • What do you want this poster to make people feel?
  • Was this an effective message? Why/why not?