Grassroots GSA

Not every school is fortunate enough to have a gay straight alliance (GSA). Even if there is a GSA in place at a school, not every student who would like to attend will be able to, feel safe to, etc.

In response to this need, Live Out Loud has developed a resource to help youth start their own GSAs outside of school. Any time a two or more LGBTQ and Allied youth come together it can be considered a GSA. We want these youth to have the help they need to jumpstart their own GSA!

Each of the “inspiration packets” below will include an action for youth to do during their meeting and prompts to help start a discussion. These packets are fun, adaptable, and informal ways to challenge your friends to talk about important issues!

Bake some vegan cupcakes and talk about
how to “queer” your hobbies.

Click here to learn more about how to turn a hobby – like baking – into an inspiration for an LGBT themed night!

Start an LGBT book club.

Click here for our LGBT book club ideas – including a list of books and discussion questions!

Host an LGBT movie night.

Click here to see our list of LGBT themed movies and discussion questions you can use for a GSA movie night!