How to “queer” your hobbies

Bake Some Vegan Cupcakes!

Cupcakes make people happy. Making them with friends is even better! Get your LGBTQ and Allied friends together to bake some vegan cupcakes (just make sure you don’t make a mess of your friend’s kitchen!)

Maybe you’ll eat them all the night they come out of the oven (we won’t tell anybody!) or maybe you’ll sell them at a school bake sale to raise money for an important cause.

Find the recipe here!

While you’re making your sure-to-be-amazing vegan cupcakes, use this time to open up a discussion about what the LGBTQ movement can learn from the explosion of vegan cupcakes. People found something they cared about and united them with something they and others enjoy (cupcakes). Now baking is not just a hobby but also a way for those people to express their activism. How can you “queer” an activity? How can your activism inspire a new take on an activity you love?

Send us your ideas!