Harvey Milk Poster Campaign

Just as advertisers use billboards and subway signs to advertise their products, you can use posters to raise awareness in your school!

Hanging posters in the halls of your school is a great way to educate your classmates. Many people aren’t aware of the important contributions Harvey Milk made to our community. Launch a poster campaign and teach your classmates about the first openly gay man elected to public office in the United States!

Some students find that LGBT themed posters are often vandalized or torn off the walls. What partnerships and coalitions can you form to keep this from happening?

Offer to help the history club create posters during Black History Month or see if the Cheerleaders need help hanging Homecoming decorations in exchange for their help with your Harvey Milk poster campaign! You can also see if the art club want to help make your posters!

Be sure to email us pictures of your posters! We want to feature them on our Facebook and Web Page!