Be a Supportive Ally

As an adult in a school, educators have the ability to communicate with and educate other faculty and administrators. Having faculty and administrators as advocates helps students feel safe, supported, and empowered. Adult allies can help other adults learn to respect young people’s rights to be treated fairly, to express themselves, and to form GSA clubs.

Please contact us if any of these links are no longer working properly, or to suggest new ones. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but to be a gateway to New York City resources and national directories. Thank you!

resources for supportive allies
    Live Out Loud's How to be an Ally
    A workshop and discussion about the importance of supporting each other and creating safe environments in schools. Workshop leaders will share their personal stories and help students brainstorm ways to make the community a more accepting place for everyone.

    GLSEN's Educator's Resources
    Here you'll find lesson plans, curricular tools, information on teacher training programs and more. You can also join GLSEN's Educators Network Mailing List. They will let you know about new educational resources as they become available, including lesson plans and other materials.

    GLSEN's Safe Space Kit
    Designed to help educators create a safe space for LGBT youth in schools, the NEW Safe Space Kit features the Guide to Being an Ally to LGBT Students. This guide provides concrete strategies for supporting LGBT students, educating about anti-LGBT bias and advocating for changes in your school.

    GLAAD's How to be an Ally & Friend
    A straight ally is someone who is not gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (GLBT) but personally advocates for GLBT equal rights and fair treatment. Straight allies are some of the most effective and powerful advocates for the GLBT movement. These allies have proven invaluable personally and politically, and are increasingly important in the fight for GLBT equality. Indeed, their voices often have been heard while those of GLBT people have been ignored.