Celebrate the Life and Accomplishments of Harvey Milk!

As a celebration of Harvey Milk’s birthday, we’ve designed these resources to help students learn about the life of Harvey Milk! We hope that the youth of today will be inspired to continue Milk’s legacy of social justice work in their communities and schools through learning about and celebrating Harvey Milk’s life!


Harvey Milk: Making Connections and Gaining Support
Use this discussion guide to engage students in thinking about ways they can use an issue that affects their entire community to gain support for LGBT causes.
Click here for the discussion guide.

The Personal is Political
How do political issues affect people personally? Drawing upon Harvey Milk’s campaign against a discriminatory initiative, this discussion addresses the connection between the personal and political. Click here to download Respect for All Week activities, actions, and discussion guides

Coalition Building
Part of Harvey Milk’s success came from the coalitions he built. This discussion helps students to think about ways they can build coalitions at their school by learning from Milk’s strategies.
Click here for the discussion guide.

Social Justice and Empowerment
What do we mean when we use the term “social justice” or “empowerment”? This discussion guide helps students learn key social justice terms and think about the ways that Harvey Milk’s activism and vision was based in the principles of social justice.
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Research LGBT People in Politics
Harvey Milk is often credited as being the firs gay man to be elected to public office in the US. But did you know that he wasn’t the first gay person elected to office? Use this action to help students to learn about LGBT people in politics throughout US history.
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Milk and Cookies Movie Night
Host a “Milk” and cookies movie night either at home or school! Watch the movie “Milk” and use the provided discussion questions to reflect on the life and legacy of Harvey Milk.
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Harvey Milk Timeline
The 1960s – 1970s were revolutionary times in the US and it’s not surprising that Harvey Milk was affected by many of the events leading up to his election. Learn more about the world before and after Harvey Milk’s groundbreaking career!
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Harvey Milk Poster Campaign
Launch a poster campaign to teach your school about the first openly gay man elected to public office in the United States!
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