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Transformational workshops that benefit Live Out Loud

About Coaching for life Transformational workshops that will empower you to make courageous choices in life, career and relationships.

Presented by the Gay Coaches Collective of New York dedicated to sharing the boldness of coaching to enrich life to the fullest.

Where and When:
Sunday Oct. 25, 2009
Three sessions :
11am to 1pm | 1pm to 3pm | 3pm to 5pm The LGBT Center
208 West 13th Street
New York City, NY directions

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SESSION ONE : 11am to 1pm
    Deal Yourself a Winning Hand!
    Brian Deutsch
    3 steps to attract the Win-Win relationships you desire! In poker we have the cards we're dealt, in life we can deal our own. Begin to start dealing yourself a winning hand to create the relationships you want.

    Power Networking: Becoming a Pro, Getting Results
    Jim Arnoff
    Struggling to make those strong connections? Overwhelmed and anxious about approaching people? Learn the top 10 networking tips to become a confident networker. Gain the skills to share about yourself with ease, talk with confidence and connect with results.

    Stand Out in Your Career: Step-by-Step Program for Rising to the Top
    Allan Fried
    This workshop provides concrete, easy-to-implement steps, actions and strategies that will enable you to hurdle obstacles and break through personal barriers - regardless of your particular career focus - and quickly set yourself apart from the competition.

SESSION TWO : 1pm to 3pm
    Energy of Money
    Jonathan Moon
    Redesign your relationship with money with clarity, focus, ease and grace. Shed those self-limiting conversations to create a life of abundance, fulfillment and enjoyment.

    Energy: Harnessing its Power to Create the Life You Deserve
    Mark Schall
    Everything is about the energy you give off and how it's received. Take control of your own energy generator to maximize success in every part of your life, relationships and career. Unleash the blocks, redirect the energy and attract what you truly want in life.

    Making the Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur...Flawlessly
    Jeff Vilensky
    Have a business you've always been wanting to launch? Frustrated with that job search and wanting more? Gain the tools to bring your concept to reality, learn to make powerful decisions and begin to set empowering goals.

SESSION THREE : 3pm to 5pm
    Birds of a Feather...
    Mark Schall
    Ever wonder why you get along with some people with ease and others require so much work? The answer is "Behavioral Chemistry". Find out exactly what this powerful way of looking at relationships is, how it occurs and what can you do to make it work for you.

    Balancing Your Life: Let Me Count the Ways
    Jeff Vilensky
    Managing life, family, relationships and career is a major challenge for many of us. Explore the many roles we have in life, how satisfied are we in each one and where we are out of balance. Develop strategies and an action plan to bring true balance into our lives.

    Selling Ice in Winter: Powerful Tips for Interviewing, Networking and Job Hunting in a Recession
    Peter Vincent
    Create a personal marketing plan to maximize your search, gain insider tips to be an effective networker, generate a strong elevator pitch and learn the key points to breeze through an interview.

Gay coaches collective - Coaches Bios
  • Jonathon Moon.
    Certified Life Coach specializing the writing, performing and creative arts. He was trained at The Academy for Coaching Excellence. Jonathan has over 10 years experience on Wall Street.

  • Mark Schall.
    Certified Life Coach specializing in the LGBT community. Mark is a lead trainer for iPEC Coaching. He does corporate training and coaching for many major companies including financial firms, electronics companies, government organizations, and more. Mark is a member of the New York City Gay Men's Chorus.

  • Jim Arnoff.
    Certified Life/Career Coach specializing the entertainment industry, legal profession and LGBT Community. Jim is an entertainment lawyer and a television/new media packaging agent. He is a graduate of iPEC Coaching and coaches fellow coaches on niche/branding.

  • Jeff Vilensky.
    Certified Business and Career Coach/Trainer specializing in coaching entrepreneurs. Jeff has over 15 years experience as an Analyst at Bear Stears and Salomon Brothers. He is a broker in the Hamptons division of the Corcoran Group.

  • Allan Fried.
    Allan Fried is New York City's "go to" career coach for creative-minded executives and entrepreneurs. He has worked with hundreds of individuals across the United States and throughout the world on achieving professional freedom.

  • Peter Vincent.
    Graduate of the Leadership Coaching Program, Georgetown University. VP, Human Resources, Time, Inc.. Founder of out@timeinc. Board Member, MOUSE, which empowers underserved public school students.

  • Brian Deutsch.
    Certified Life Coach/iPEC Coaching specializing in relationship coaching. Member of the New York City Gay Men's Chorus.
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